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  • VLE Student Partnership - Personal Introduction and reflection on exercise

    February 20, 2015

    My name is David Kennington and I am a first-year student nurse. I've been working in healthcare for just over a year, having spent the previous 11 years as a road safety inspector. I'm married and have two children, Josh (10) and Alex (6).

    In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, martial arts and video games.

    I’m looking forward to my involvement in the VLE student partnership as I believe that emergent technologies are the key to sophisticated ways of learning, and it would be great to see Anglia Ruskin University at the forefront of student / teacher communication and computer based leaning methods.

    How easy is the VLE to use?

    I would almost certainly have struggled to complete the exercise if I had not been given a comprehensive list of instructions. The embedded media tools are slightly archaic considering that many websites now have much more intuitive ways of adding media, and I could imagine that this might be off-putting for less technically-minded university staff. However, for my first time I was quite happy once I'd leaned how to do everything. The whole exercise (including writing the blog) took me about 2 hours. As long as the training is there, the site is fit for purpose.
    • Thank you for your feedback on the VLE David, and I hope you are enjoying working in the partnership project!
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