Available Projects

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Partnerships requested by Staff

Video Production and Staff Training

Staff members on the midwifery programme would like to create videos for use in their teaching. They are looking for students with good knowledge of video production and post production skills to train staff in achieving this.

Web Consultation, Development and Staff Training

Cambridge School of Art proposes an external facing online presence that brings together employment of alumni and employability skills within the programmes. Students are provided with the opportunity to act as consultants in providing advice on the available web platforms; develop the solution and train staff to continuously update it.

VLE Feedback and Support

Staff members need students to provide feedback and support any enhancements of the embedded use of technology on the use of VLE and learning technologies in their teaching. Student may also wish to explore Digital Literacies generally; run their own research activities to explore how this might benefit them and provide both technology related and student focused feedback and be part of making changes.

Accessibility (Disability) Consultation on use of VLE

A member of staff needs students with special needs who can work with her team to develop guidelines for teaching staff to create accessible information and technology in the classroom and the VLE for inclusive learning and teaching.